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White Label Supplement

    Smaller supplement companies often look to manufacturers that can produce white label supplements. Negotiating with a lab, arranging shipping, label printing, and the associated costs are handled by one larger company    and savings are accrued by those who purchase from these larger companies. This low overhead approach is a great model for those just starting out in the supplement industry. Privatelabelwholesale.net specializes in white label supplements. We handle the manufacturing side of things while you focus on building a name, an image, and a client base for your company. We hold over 200 stock formulas and the ability to custom blend supplements that are tailored to your clientele.

    White label supplements, also known as private label, allows a smaller supplement company to order smaller quantities of a large variety of supplements instead of a large quantity of one supplement. Generally, to hold a specific product, a lab may have you order a thousand products at a time. After a while, it becomes financially difficult to hold that kind of stock while making gains in other aspects of your business. Partnering with privatelabelwholesale.net will give you access to amazing supplements like: African mango, raspberry ketone, acai berry, goji berry, and maqui berry, teeth whitening kits, electronic cigarettes, and stevia. For a full product list please visit www.privatelabelwholesale.net or call our toll free number.

    You can also white label custom blends. We have various ingredients that can be mixed together to create new supplement formulas. Try blending our weight loss ingredients together to make a diet pill or our vitamins to make a potent multivitamin. As with anything, our company would be happy to walk you through the process. We can suggest the perfect ingredients for your supplement.

    Private labelling is an easy process when you work with privatelabelwholesale.net. You choose the products you would like to private label. You can either provide us with a label design or we can design an amazing one for you free of charge. We then start the manufacturing process and ship the final product right to you.

    Don’t forget, we also wholesale our products as well. These products come with a generic label but are a quicker option for those looking to get supplements to their clients as soon as possible. Call us today for a free price quote and free marketing advice. Our knowledge and experience in this industry is indispensible. Let’s work together to build your company.

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