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Seeing as the health and wellness supplement industry is still in its infantile stage, it’s not often that we get to offer a product with over 5000 years of historical proof backing its claims. Ginseng, however, has been used in Chinese medicine back before anyone had even conceived of a “protein shake” or an “energy drink”. A plant belonging to the Panax generous, ginseng root has long been used in herbal medicines and teas in order to restore equilibrium to the body in times of stress. Its fleshy root is the source of this wonderful plants power but some have suggested that even leaves hold a plethora of health inducing properties. 

            Traditionally, Ginseng has been sold as a standalone product but more recently supplement companies sell ginseng as part of a health formula. Typically found in energy drinks, Ginseng has been shown to maintain healthy energy levels. But its benefits don’t stop there. Ginseng has been shown to aid in the maintenance of healthy glucose levels in otherwise healthy individuals.For the general consumer, the attributes of ginseng that make it so popular are its ability to:

·         Help sustain normal stress levels

·         Increase performance levels

·         Aid in the maintenance of health brain function

·         Help maintain a healthy immune system

            With all these wonderful benefits, it’s not hard to see why supplement companies find it easy to market and sell ginseng. At  privatelabelwholesale.net, you can buy ginseng wholesale or boost your brand by private labelling it. You can also add ginseng to a custom formula that suits your needs.

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