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Dream & Lean
Dream & Lean

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Dream & Lean

Dream & Lean is an amazing product that helps to boost collagen levels that deplete as the body ages. Low collagen levels are a major cause of wrinkles and sagging skin, and can also be linked to lower energy levels and longer recovery times after activity or injury. Dream & Lean contains hydrolyzed collagen to supplement the body’s collagen production with high concentrations of protein and amino acids. Dream & Lean is meant to be taken at night before going to bed, and is known to help rebuild muscle tissue while someone sleeps. The body uses the proteins it has been given to strengthen lean muscle and therefore helps to burn fat and sugars more efficiently .

In studies about collagen it has been shown that regular supplement can help support healthy skin, lessen arthritis joint pain, and can boost hair and nail growth, increasing their strength by up to 36%. Collagen can also help to build and replenish lean muscle mass and have a positive effect on overall body composition. While collagen is the structural protein that makes up the connective tissues in the body, hydrolyzed collagen is a form of collagen that has been broken down into smaller pieces in order to be more easily incorporated into a dietary supplement. This form also aids in the digestion of the collagen, in order to ensure that the full benefit is received. As hydrolyzed collagen forms the building blocks of collagen, it can be used to supplement and strengthen the collagen in the body, as well as help replace the diminishing supply.

Dream & Lean is taken at night, before bed, because it is during the first few hours of sleep that it can do the most good. This is because the first hour or two of the sleep cycle is when the body is most productive in its state of rest and repair. By not eating within a few hours before taking Dream & Lean and going to bed, this helps ensure that the body has removed food from the digestive tract and so the body will need to use protein to burn off some of the stored fat. Dream & Lean contains many amino acids (the building blocks of protein such as collagen) that are essential to maintain lean muscle mass. This combination of a short fast before bed and the addition of the amino acids of Dream & Lean promotes a tendency for the body to metabolize fat rather than muscle.

About 85% of people who have used Dream & Lean consistently and as directed have achieved measurable results in their weight loss goals. Many users have even reported a reshaping of their body and losing inches before noticing that they have lost pounds, which can be a sign of fat loss without the loss of muscle. Some have even reported positive results within the first week. With all these benefits and the ease of use, buying Dream & Lean wholesale can be a profitable move for any health store, beauty business, or new business. We also offer to private label Dream & Lean so your product feels as if it is just that, yours.

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Collagen (1500 mg)

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