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Stevia is nature's answer to sugar!

Stevia is a naturally growing plant leaf common in North and South America, 300 times as strong as sugar, Stevia is a popular substitute used worldwide. In 2008, Stevia sweetener became approved in the USA as a food additive and is rapidly growing in popularity due to its many benefits.

Our liquid Stevia Leaf Extract is the most efficient and economical form of this miracle sweetner on the market. A single 2oz bottle contains over 700 servings of pure stevia extract, and is free of alcohol, chemicals, or glycerin.

Very popular with diabetics and dieters alike. Liquid Stevia is a zero calorie, no carb solution to add to a cup of coffee or any beverage where you would normally use sugar.

Just a couple drops of this potent all natural sweetner is equivalent to a teaspon of sugar and is a safe alternative to synthetic artificial sweeteners.

You can sell Stevia as an option for diabetics who are conscious of spiking blood sugar levels. Stevia can be a part of low carb cooking recipes and is simple to use.

Dieters will love stevia due to the fact that it can be also used as an appetite suppressant. By taking stevia 20 minutes before meals food cravings are reduced.

The use of Stevia Extract orally actually can promote good dental hygine by slowing down the growth of bateria know to cause plaque and decay.

Stevia is also a known source of antioxidants and other nutrients in it, including vitamins C and A, zinc, magnesium, and iron providing additional benefits. If you would like a price on wholesale stevia call us for a quote, or to discuss your private label options.

Bottle Size: 
2 oz
Product Form: 
Liquid Drops

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